portraitI am Randy Brodehl, a Republican conservative that knows the values of Montana and Flathead County, and understands the limitations of our government as established by the Constitution of Montana and the Constitution of the United States of America.  I support those values and limitations, and as your state representative for House District 9 and a candidate for Flathead County Commissioner, I will do so at all times.  My decisions and votes are decided based on:

  • Is this legislation Constitutional?
  • Is this reducing in any way, the responsibility of individuals to make good decisions?
  • Will this decision interfere with an individual’s freedom to make good decisions?
  • Is this decision fiscally responsible?
  • Can our citizens afford this legislation?

As a conservative, my goals, within the constitutional parameters, are to provide:

  1. Smaller Government
    1. Consolidate agencies and boards
    2. Streamline regulatory processes
  2. Tax Relief
    1. Eliminate business and equipment tax
    2. Reduce business regulations and fees
  3. Personal and Property Rights Protection
    1. Decrease state and county involvement in family, schools, and property use
    2. Shift property regulations to local control

I believe that the citizens of Montana and Flathead County should have a frugal and shrewd government which allows its citizens to manage their own lives and businesses with little or no interference; while protecting its citizens from undue hardships.  These rights were the intent of our founding fathers and each of us must do all we can to protect these rights. If you believe that Montana still belongs to the people, then stand with me as I work to that end!


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